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Registration for LHF Summer Camp, Midwest 2019

This camp is run in partnership with Luk Lao Laan Lao (Milwaukee, WI), Lan Xang Troupe (Elgin, IL),
and Lao Heritage Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)

Please fill out the online form below to reserve a spot for your student. After submitting this online form,
please download, print, and fill out the paper form and bring it on the first day of camp, along with the
registration fee.

This is a day camp for intensive learning. Activities include:
  Music (kaen, saw, kim, ranahd, kong wong, flute, percussions)
  Culture (art, cooking, sports, theater, literature, language, etiquette)
  Arts & Craft
Date: July 13 - July 20, 2019
Time: 9:00AM-4:00PM
Where: TBD
Who: Children age 9 and older
Fee: TBD

Will the student stay on campus?
Child's First Name:
Last Name:
T-Shirt Size
Would you (the parent) like to volunteer at the camp? If so, please answer Yes and provide comments below.
Parent's Email Address:

If the student is currently enrolled with LHF or attended our summer camp before, skip the secion below and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

If interested in music, which instrument interests you most?
Can you read standard music notation?
Which other instrument(s) do you play?
If interested in dance, what is your skill level?
City and State Where You Live:
Parent's Name:
Parents' Phone Number:

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